Aluminum Railing With Cable

Pre-fabricated aluminum tube system with Cable Railing. Custom built and ready to install. Contact Wagner for pricing.
Series 2000 Cable Railing

Series 2000 Cable Railing is the perfect complement to any architectural design, indoors or out. It adds a truly modern and contemporary feel to any building and is an excellent choice for settings with a view.

Aluminum Posts and Rails are reinforced for added strength. The posts are 2-1/2" square and can be surface mounted, side mounted or embedded into concrete. The Top Rail has a 2" wide gripping surface to meet ADA, ANSI and ICC Handrail requirements.

Posts and pickets used in the Cable Rail System include Double End Posts, Triple Corner Posts, Single Crossover Posts, Intermediate Tension Posts and Center Support Pickets. Each Post and Picket has a vertical row of pre-drilled holes, spaced 3" on center, to accommodate Fittings or support the Cable.

End, Corner, Crossover and Intermediate Tension Posts can be placed up to 6' apart, however Cable spans should not exceed 42" to minimize deflection. Minimally sized Center Support Pickets – 3/4" square – can be placed in between to meet maximum span requirements while providing an optimum view. 

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