Level Lock Plus™

Where Fast Installation Meets Innovative Adjustment

Wagner’s Level Lock Plus™ base shoe moulding system is where fast installation meets innovative adjustment. The intuitive locking mechanism allows the glass to tilt up to 2° in either direction to ensure an easy, precise alignment. Alignment tabs are available in various angles to ensure base shoes are seamlessly positioned at the beginning of install.

We designed our shoe with a grooved, symmetrical inner channel to allow the mechanisms to be installed on either side of the shoe—providing additional safety when installing on elevated surfaces. The mechanism’s advanced tilting capabilities allows the installed glass to better withstand environmental changes that could lead to cracks, or shattering.

Level Lock Plus™ has been designed to create optimal sightlines without obscuring the intricate details of your design. A post-less system with fully concealed components and optional cladding makes Level Lock Plus an ideal glass railing solution.

  • Glass tilting capabilities up to 2° in either direction to ensure a perfect alignment every time
  • Optional alignment tabs allow for easy alignment of shoe segments at any desired angle
  • Mechanisms can be safely installed from either side of the base shoe thanks to a symmetrical inner channel
  • Advanced tilting technology allows installed glass to better withstand environmental changes, reducing the potential of shattering
  • Thicker material at the bottom of the shoe for added durability to prevent splaying
  • Easy access to tightening fasteners from the top of the shoe for a simple installation with no special tools required
  • Grooved inner channel prevents mechanisms from shifting during glass installation
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